Why end it?

I know it seems sudden, but believe me it's been coming for a long time. I've spent the last year - after finally writing out the entire story - trying to patch it up, but I'm building on 6-7 chapters of utterly flawed story telling, and no amount of improvement or patching will save the confusions and gaping plot holes.
The biggest indicator is that not one of my readers (the ca. 80% of you I know, at least) has any idea what's even happening in the story.

I can do better.

I know I can do better.

I'm at a point right now where I love every comic page I produce, but hate the story I'm forced to tell. So, rather than spend 3 more years on a story that no one gets and I don't really enjoy, I've decided to quit while I'm ahead.

I've learned so, so, SO much from CE, and I can't wait to use those lessons in a better story. I'm cooking two ideas at the moment. One is a low fantasy/western/film noir thing, the other is a trope-heavy gag-a-day. My DeviantART is flooded with pictures of the latter; my own personal drawers are filled with notes about the former.

I know the comic medium much better by now, my art is better, I have deeper and more interesting ideas... My next project is gonna be a good one. I'm confident.

And I can't wait to see you there!