So, what is CE all about?
Cat's Eyes is a webcomic. It is set in a fantasy world plagued by (or thriving under, depending on who you ask) human dominance. The plot revolves around three feline creatures who have left their home and are now trying to survive in human lands, and... as they suddenly find themselves caught in the middle of a human search and destroy... trying to make a difference.
Mostly, it's a fantasy story about fate, magic and friendships. It's (hopefully) less cheesy than it sounds.

How often does this thing update?
The comic is set to a TTS (tuesday-thursday-saturday) schedule, updated around 10 p.m. at GMT+2.
I know it's a weird time, and I'm hoping to switch it to midnight soon. Probably won't be until I've gotten my own domain, though.

Is this comic safe for kids to read?
No. It is not. The comic contains violence (as early as chapter 1, someone is maimed and killed) and nudity (not sexual, though). Some swearing as well.
Simply do not read CE if these things offend you.
Note, I never set out to provoke anyone. I just don't feel like censoring things when the story calls for it, or the "inoffensive" reply is the most reasonable. Some people are liberal about these things, some are not. All's cool.

Who are you?
I'm Nina Anima, a regular Danish student with way too many stories bumbling around in my head. I usually write short stories, poems and novels, but after 2-3 years of following webcomics, I decided to try out this medium. See where it leads.
On forums, you may also know me as Glass Mouse, glassmouse89 or some variation thereof.

If you feel like contacting me (I'll happily answer), it's ninaanima AT gmail DOT com.