Chapter 11: "Out of the Box"

[Big panel. Establishing shot of the hallway Kih and Hedwig is in.]
Hedwig: Cat! Are you still alive?

[Shot of Kih, standing, looking shocked. H's speech bubble looks too muffled to hear.]
Kih: I never would 'ave...
Fey: Your friend appears to be calling you.
Kih: She is not my friend.
Fey: Still... You should go to her. It will not be safe for you here much longer.

Kih: [turns to leave]
Fey: I have enjoyed our talk. I'm sorry you will forget about it when you leave.

[Hedwig is looking at the blasted-in door.]

[Kih appears in the door.]

Hedwig: What was in there?!

Kih: [looks back] I... I do not remember...

Hedwig: [annoyed] Stupid cat! I'll take a look myself!

Kih: [suddenly points down the hall] 'Umans approaching!

 [Bigish panel. Hedwig blasts the hallway. It collapses.]

[Hedwig hurridly gestures to cast a spell.]

[Her movement abruptly stops]

Anowa: [off-panel] You've destroyed our property, you've set free our prisoners, and you've somehow trespassed on our home...

[Big panel. Anowa emerges from a small hallway, along with Himo and a few others.]
Anowa: Please don't tell me you thought you'd get away, too.

 [Big, vertical panel. Guard grabs Kih's arm.]

[Kih looks over the shoulder, at the guard.]
Kih: (No. No. No. NO!!!!!)

[closeup of K's face]
Kih: (Liar! Bitch! Traitor! Take my freedom, take it twice! Traitor, murderer!)

[Kih hits the guard with her elbow]
Guard: Arh!

[Guard bashes the back of her head.]

[Kih on her knees. Dazzled.]
Kih: (No. No. No...)

Guard: Emperor... What should we do with it?

Anowa: [enthusiastic] Gee, I don't know! Maybe you could-

Anowa: [switches to frowning] - bring her back to her cell?!
Kih: (Bitch! No. No, I will... I must...)

[close-up of Kih's face]
Kih: (I must get back.)

[K jumps.]

 [Page is cut in three.]
[First panel. Kih pushes herself off from the guard. Epic jump.]

[She jumps through the air. (possibly using the wall for more momentum).]

[Third panel. Kih lands quite far from the humans.]

[Kih runs off.]

[the humans are looking, surprised]
Random guy: What...

[in the background, a small soldier is running towards them. Himo looks surprised.]
Himo: Let's...-
Anowa: No!

[The small soldier catches up, while Anowa demonstrably lifts a pen]
Anowa: Let the cat go. It won't get far, anyway.

Anowa: [points at little soldier] You! Get a few men and seal this door! The Emperor has demanded that the Doctor is sealed off at all times!

[the soldier salutes. It's Jay.]
J: Yes, m'm.

[K bumps into wall]

[She grabs wall, looks desperate]

Kih: Please... please...

Kih: [closes eyes] Someone, anyone... grant me a way out.

[K's eyes are still closed]

Kih: Wait.

[Big panel. K is standing, back against wall. Floating picture accompany her thoughts.]
Kih: If they can enter via secure portals [picture of Micelo using a pen]... then there will be no regular exits for me to use.

Kih: Still, the prisoners need maintenance... Would they carry food and waste through small doors and halls?

Kih: [looks around] Hmm.

[Huge panel. The city and the Emperor's fortress from the outside.]

[zooming in on the river and the city wall above it.]

[It grows dark.]

[It grows into day.]

[Suddenly, a portal appears in the city wall above the river.]

[Waste is thrown out into the river]

[Kih drops out]

[Kih splashes against the water among the waste.]

[she fights herself to shore. The stream moves slowly away from the city, but its path is blocked by a grid.]

Kih: [heaves herself to dry land] Ow.

[crooked page. Reflecting Kih's fractured state of mind.]
[big, crooked panel. Kih staggers off through a street.]
Kih: (I must... I must get back.)

[smaller, crooked panel. Kih leans against a wall for support.]
Kih: (Must... traitor, bitch. Please.)

[The city walls get within sight.]
Kih: (So... 'urts... this 'eadache. I 'ate you.)

[Fragmented panel. Each word in its own fragment.]
Kih: (Kih. Put your mind back together.)

[Splash page. Kih is looking out of the city gate. A huge army of walking and flying creatures are approaching, along with a variety of animals.]
Kih: (You will need it.)